10 for 10 – Mission Joy of Music
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shankar Mahadevan Academy.

10 for 10 celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Shankar Mahadevan Academy. It presents a series of 10 special edition online concerts—concerts created under 10 platforms we have brought to life over 10 years. The concerts are presented by students and teachers of Shankar Mahadevan Academy. Every one of these 10 platforms has sprouted from our simple mission: Joy of Music. It’s a mission that gives us the ability to breed artists, and the power to do good with music.

Upcoming Programs

#JoyofMusic — The world is your stage.  

Presents the rising stars of Indian classical music. 
Guests of Honour – TO BE ANNOUNCED

#JoyofMusic —  Exploring the deep connection between traditional food and folk music of India.  

SMA Food & Folk
Presents a song and a dish with a regional flavour. 
Guests of Honour – TO BE ANNOUNCED

Recent Programs

#JoyofMusic — Inclusiveness: Music for all ages, for all stages of life.

Inspire India Project and Music for Senior Citizens
Presents a Special Edition Online Concert.
Guest of Honour: Asha Bhosle

#JoyofMusic — Creativity: Create your own masterpieces.  
SMA Playhouse
Presents a series of Original Compositions 
Guests of Honour – Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy

#JoyofMusic — Social Awareness: Create social change with music.  
Presents songs that inspire you to take action
Guests of Honour – Javed Akhtar

#JoyofMusic — Caring: Music is the antidote to loneliness.  
SMA Nirvana
Presents songs that inject joy into loneliness. 
Guests of Honour – Meghna Gulzar

#JoyofMusic — Dignity, Security, Responsibility
SMA Muskurahat
From Entrepreneurs to Musicians — Online fundraising concert for needy musicians
Guest of Honour – Aruna Sairam

#JoyofMusic — Creating special moments for children with special needs.  

Joyful Choir
Presenting songs by our very special talents. 
Guests of Honour – John Mclaughlin

#JoyofMusic — Grow With Music: An inclusive and fun program for kids

Music for Children
Presents songs that help children live life on a high note. 
Guest of Honour – Shaan

#JoyofMusic — our Annual Global Meet over music

SANGAM Online Live 2021 (tm)
Showcasing the talented artists from our Academy. 
Guests of Honour – TO BE ANNOUNCED