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12 week(s)
Max class size
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This course reinforces the concepts of Swar Sadhana and patterning of Swaras by the repetitive practice of Alankars.

The idea of Swara mapping is introduced to the student by taking up simple songs like Jana gana Mana OR Honge Kamyab. Samooha Gaan or group singing has been an integral part of various cultures accross the world. The student learns ONE song out of the 4 songs given.

Pentatonic scale Bhupali has already been introduced in the previous course along with a Bandish. This course maps the Bandish learnt to the Swaras and the rhythm patterns of fours to Teentaal. The student is initiated into singing simple improvisation within the Taal structure. Raga Durga, another pentatonic Raga is introduced in this course.



Course Format

Batch Size: 3

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • To understand and co-relate simple songs to swaras
  • Create a melody using Shudh Swaras- Sargamgeet
  • Understand Teentaal
  • Learn to sing Chhota Khayal with Teentaal
  • Create simple Aalap and Taan patterns within the Chhota Khayal 
  • To introduce the student to Raga Durga
  • To learn a Dhrupad Bandish in raga Bhupali
  • To practice Swara Sadhana to develop vocal skills
  • To practice patterning with Swaras




In order to enrol for level HV102 the students should have completed Hindustani Vocal Beginner 101 from Academy or must demonstrate the ability to sing Shudh Swaras and simple Alankar patterns in different rhythm structures. They must be able to sing a Prayer or a song in Sur and Laya. They need to be able to sing Aaroh Avaroh of Raga Bhupali, Alankar in Raga Bhupali and a Bandish in Raga Bhupali in Sur and Laya. 

Swar Sadhana and Swara Patterning
  • Shadja Sadhana
  • Patterning and skill development
Samooha gaan- choral songs
  • Jana gana mana, Honge Kamayab
  • Sangachhaddvam, Ayi Bhuvanamanamohini
Swara Mapping
  • Jana gana mana(swara)
  • Honge Kamayab(Swara)
Swaras to Compositions
  • Alankar,Swar sadhan
  • Sargam Geet- Sthayi
  • Sargam Geet- Antara
Laya and Taal
  • Laya ke Prakar
  • Taal
  • Teentaal
  • What is a Raga?
  • Brief description of Raga Bhupali
  • Brief description of Raga Durga
Raga Bhupali
  • Chhota Khayals
  • Dhrupad- Bhupali
  • Chautaal
Raga Durga
  • Patterns in Durga
  • Chhota Khayal

After completion of HV102, student will be able to:

  • Create and sing a Sargam Geet in Shudh Swaras
  • Sing basic patterns in Shuddh Swara Alankars
  • Sing basic patterns in the Raga scale of Bhupali
  • Sing  Chhota Khayal in Bhupali with Teentaal
  • Recite Teentaal
  • Sing Aaroh, Avaroh and basic Alankars in Durga with Teentaal
  • Create and sing smaal Aalap and Taan in the framework of Teentaal
  • Sing the Dhrupad Bandish