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12 week(s)
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The process of identifying Swaras may seem daunting but in reality it can be taught in such a way that the learner can pick up this skill by connecting the right dots. This is what the Beginner Hindustani Vocal 103 enables the learner to do. Some combinations that get covered include Swar Sadhana with Laya, Raga-Durga, Khamaj Chota Khayal, Tarana-Durga, Jhaptaal and Teentaal.

Course Format


Batch Size: 3


Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week





  • To understand the placement of Swaras in songs or compositions
  • Get insight into a few Raga Characteristics - Bhupali, Durga, Khamaj
  • Learn to sing Chhota khayal with Taal
  • Create small Bol Aalap
  • Learn Tarana



Student should have completed HV102 from the academy OR; the student should have the ability to: • Create and sing Alankar patterns in Shuddh Swar Saptak and Ragas Bhupali and Durga • Render Chhota Khayal Bandish with simple Aalap and Taan in Ragas Bhupali and Durga • Create a Sargam Geet

Swara Identification
  • Swar Pehechan
  • Alankar
  • Sa Pa Ṡa
  • Laya ke Prakar
  • Layabaddh Alankar
  • Jhaptaal
  • Teentaal
  • Choutaal
Raga Durga
  • Introduction -Durga
  • Chotta Khayal(Teentaal in Durga)
  • Jai Durge(Teentaal)
  • Bhajan Karo(Teentaal)
  • Devi Bhajo(Teentaal)
  • Jai Ambe(Teentaal)
  • Sakhi Mori(Jhaptaal)
Raga Exploration
  • Aalap
  • Bol Aalap
  • Taan
  • Sapthak
  • Shudh Swaras
  • Komal Swara
  • Tivra Swara
Raga Khamaj
  • Introduction to Khamaj
  • Chhota Khayal(Teentaal in Khamaj)
  • Namana Karoon Mai(Teentaal)
  • Koyaliya Kooka Sunaave(Teentaal)
  • Introduction to the song form- Tarana
  • Tarana(Raga Durga , Teentaal)

At the completion of HV103, student will be able to:

  • Identify at least one Swara at a time by listening
  • Create and sing Alankar and Sargam Geet/Swar Maalika
  • Sing the Aaroh Avaroh and Chhota Khayal with Taal, showing claps and waves
  • Create and sing Aalap and Taan
  • Attempt Bol Aalap