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12 week(s)
Max class size
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This course adds more creative elements to the Chhota Khayal composition. The principles and guidelines to create Swar Vistar are initiated. Aalap, BolAalap and Taan are practised to perform with confidence within the Teentaal structure. The Raga characteristics are detailed out by singing and composing LakshanGeet and also by comparing two Ragas learnt. Swara Sadhana, being a part of the continuous learning is included here with focus on MandraSwaraSadhana to strengthen the voice and improve one's range of voice. The effect and placement of TivraMadhyam is understood in Raga Yaman. Raga Khamaj is revisited. A Tarana and a Bhajan is sung in Raga Khamaj. The OM book has got multiple Bandishes in each Raga, in order to facilitate learning as well as provide relevant listening material to the learner.

Course Format

Batch Size:1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • Practice Swar Sadhna with lower registers
  • Understand and identify Tivra Madhyam
  • Introduce Swar Vistar in Raga Yaman
  • Learn a Chhota Khayal with Aalap , Bol Aalap and Taan in Raga Yaman
  • Revisit Raga Khamaj and learn a Tarana
  • Know Raga characteristics through Lakshan Geet
  • Learn a Bhajan in Khamaj 




  • Student needs to complete HV104 at the academy OR the student should be able to: • Sing stable notes perfectly in tune with the Tanpura. • Sing Chhota Khayal with self-created Aalap and Taan in Ragas Bhupali, Durga, Khamaj,Brindavani Sarang • learnt a Dhrupad and a Tarana
  • Create a Sargam Geet and a Tarana • Listen to a musical sound and identify Swaras • Read notations and also do Swara mapping at a basic level.
Mandra Swar Sadhana
  • Importance of Swar Sadhana
  • Alankars for Mandra Swaras
  • Alankars with Mandra, Madhya,Taar Swaras
  • Varnas
  • Taal Jatis
Composing Swar Vistar
  • How to develop creative thinking
  • Swara Conversation
  • Swar Vistar- Yaman
Swar Vistar in Yaman
  • Introduction to Yaman
  • Alankar patterns in Yaman
  • Mandra Swaras in Yaman
  • Guidelines for Swar Vistar
Chhota Khayal in Yaman
  • Kanha Bansuri
  • Aala Nabi Aulad
  • Mukut Para Vaari
  • Ghungaru Baaje
  • Yaman Model aalap and Taan
Raga characteristics and Lakshan Geet
  • Key Notes and Swara Samoohas
  • Emotion
  • Compositions
  • Time of singing
  • Lakshan Geet
Tarana in Khamaj
  • Khamaj Swar Vistar
  • Revisit Khamaj Chhota Khayal
  • Tarana in Khamaj
Bhajan in Khamaj
  • Vaishnav Janato
  • About the Bhajan
Rhythm in Bhajan
  • Taal in Bhajan - Bhajan Taal, Keherva.
  • Percussion instruments with Bhajan

At the completion of HV105, the student will be able to:

  • Perform the Raga Yaman Chhota Khayal with Swar Vistar
  • Execute the self created Aalap and Taan in Teentaal
  • Perform a Bhajan in perfect Sur and Taal, with attention to expressions
  • Sing a Lakshan geet and compose a similar Lakshan Geet in any Raga Or Compose a Sargam Geet
  • Sing a Tarana in Raga Khamaj
  • Sing the Chhota Khayal in Raga Khamaj with short Aalap and Taan