Musician to a Music Educator!

Discover the art & science of teaching music with our comprehensive teacher training program curated under the guidance of the music maestro Shankar Mahadevan himself.

Our program will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a music educator in the academy while fueling your passion for music. 

  • Understand pedagogy and the art/science of teaching.

  • An integrated program focused on teachers who want to enhance their teaching skills, gain in-depth knowledge, and have an opportunity for employment and livelihood.

  • A comprehensive program for musicians to refine their skills, and discover essential tools that constitute & make for a great teaching-learning experience.

  • On successful completion of the course based on the grades, get a job offer from the Academy.

  • Relevant for those who want to put their skills and learnings to use.





  • Professional training in your genre of music for a minimum of 10 years 

  • Adequate knowledge of the preferred genre (example: Hindustani / Carnatic)                           
  • Ability to perform in alignment with Pitch and Rhythm

  • Enthusiastic and interested in teaching as a career

  • English language proficiency is required



  • Your admission into this program is on an application basis only.

  • You can apply for this program by filling out the form below. 

  • Selected applicants will be notified through a phone call or email. 

  • Once you are selected, you will have to pay the course fee through your desired payment method out of the two given options.

 Shankar Mahadevan Academy guarantees you the role of a teacher subject to
course completion with an Honors Grade.
The current batch is now open. Limited seats only.