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12 week(s)
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PRAYAG Debutante for Hindustani vocalists is for first-time performers who wish to launch their Debut (Arangetram) Solo concert.

This course aims to mentor the performer to present a 60-minute solo concert that builds on their skills and strengths as a musician. The course aims to hone the performer’s knowledge and application of knowledge by practising in a focused manner.  

PRAYAG is a confluence of individuals who are on the path of Sangeet Sadhana – practice of music. This is a space to bring out creative expressions through the performing art of Indian classical music in the best possible way. This is a platform that believes in constant evolution and growth. PRAYAG is sacred. PRAYAG nurtures art with positivity and effort to combine knowledge with practice.


Students will present a 60-minute concert to Shankar Mahadevan and Gurus in the field of Hindustani music.

Course Format

12 weeks, one session of 45 minutes per week. 


To choose a Raga / composition for the recital.

To study the characteristics of the Raga as applied in a Swar Vistar.

To practice Bada Khayal with development of Aalap within the Taal structure.

To practice the Bada Khayal improvisation with elements of Layakari and Taan in an increased Laya.

To practice the Chhota Khayal in the same Raga.

The applicants need to have learned for 4-7 years. If the applicant is a student in Shankar Mahadevan Academy she or he must have  completed HV205. Students of the Academy who wish to apply need to go through a prerequisite assessment that needs to be taken online. The student needs to

1.Sing in perfect pitch.

2. Have good knowledge of singing in Teentaal, Jhaptaal, Rupak 

3. be able to sing Light music compositions in Dadra Keherva with improvisation

4. Capacity to sing 8 to 10. Avartans of Madhya Laya Aalap freely in Taal. 

5. Skill to create Swara patterns and sing Taan in desired cycle of matras like 4 6 8 12 1416

6. Skill to handle Vilambit  Ektaal/Teentaal



Raga to be performed
  • Raga description
  • Bada Khayal
  • Chota Khayal
Review of a song
  • Introductory Aalap
  • Song with Taal
  • Improvisation within the Taal structure with Bol


The student is able to perform Bada Khayal and Chota Khayal in the chosen Raga with an in-depth approach to Aalap, a variety of Swara combinations for Taan fluently in the chosen Taal structure. 


Students will present a 60-minute concert to Shankar Mahadevan and Gurus in the field of Hindustani music.