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Hindustani Vocal 203


The student should have completed HV202 at the academy OR The student should have above two years of learning experience with an ability to sing a simple Swara Vistar,Chhota Khayal with self composed Aalap, Taan in at least ten Ragas and Bada Khayal with basic Aalap in Yaman. The student should be able to sing a Dhrupad composition with Dugun and Tarana with improvisation. The student should have the ability to compose a simple Sargam Geet and a Tarana in any of the Ragas learnt. Students who wish to join this level directly need to submit the prerequisite assessment assigned by the academy on enrolment


The Bada Khayal learning is in Raga Bhupali. While singing the slow Aalap with the Bada Khayal there is a deeper understanding of the Raga characteristics. Bhupali Chhota Khayal is sung with improvisation. The improvisation here will be done with a variety in Bol Aalap and Taan. The Ragas introduced are Bhairavi and Bihag for a detailed study of Raga characteristics. With Bhairavi the student practices all the four Komal Swaras attaining perfect Swar Sthanas. The Bhairavi Chhota Khayal is in Taal Dadra. Raga Bihag, one of the most captivating night melody is introduced with a Chhota Khayal in Teentaal. Theory: Raga characteristics, Classification of Ragas, Hindustani and Carnatic Music Ragas,Listening to same Ragas in both the streams for understanding and appreciation.